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Mueller Investigated for Framing Man on False Gun Charge

Robert Mueller, in addition to having a name that sounds like a noise you would make while throwing up peanut butter, has been the face of a federal investigation into the Trump administration that in two years has never turned up a shred of evidence. Their best evidence was a dossier about Trump having urinated on a prostitute.

It was later learned that the “pee-pee gate dossier” was created by a tech firm hired by a former British spy who was paid by the DNC to come up with dirt on Trump.

You’ll have noticed that the Mueller investigation isn’t getting a lot of play in the media these days. That’s because the left realizes that the story has lost all of its emotional equity. And the fact that they care how much emotional equity it has shows you that it has been nothing more than a tactic to defeat a political enemy- just like the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

But Mueller has been a heavy hitter for a long time- that is to say a high ranking political operative for big league goons. And there are a few skeletons in his closet that might see daylight while Trump is President. Chief among these skeletons is a case that is being pursued by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) into charges that Mueller once framed a man on gun charges.

The charge, as it stands is, “carrying a firearm in interstate commerce with the intent to use it in a civil disorder.” Huff was convicted despite a glaring lack of evidence.

TBI has confirmed that Mueller has, in fact, been accused of this crime and that the investigation is really happening. According to the charge, Mueller is said to have falsely accused Darren Huff of a gun-related crime and then fabricated evidence against him.

Huff was accused without evidence of plotting to commandeer a courthouse. The entire event is similar in theme to the kinds of Obama style federal control we saw so often between the years of 2008 and 2016. You’ll remember the scarcely reported on scandal in which the Obama administration directed the IRS to audit members of the Tea Party.

Darren Huff was a member of the Oath Keepers, and there is good reason to suppose that the charges against him were politically motivated and that Mueller authorized it.

In an audio recording of a conversation between TBI special agents and Walter Fitzpatrick- a key witness against Mueller- Fitzpatrick claims that Huff’s prosecution was fraudulent.

According to the local news outlet, The Post & Email:

“Fitzpatrick had uncovered deep corruption within the Monroe County Criminal Court after discovering that Pettway had been serving in his position for at least 20 years, later confirmed as 28 years. Huff was present at the citizen’s arrest and also charged with several crimes by the county, eventually pleading no contest. While the county claimed in indictments issued against both Huff and Fitzpatrick that Pettway was a juror, Tennessee Deputy Attorney General Kyle Hixson now claims that the foreman is not, and has never been, a juror in a discrepancy which has not been reconciled. Huff had been stopped and questioned on his way to Madisonville by Tennessee Highway Patrolmen and, upon their suggestion, locked his legally-owned firearms in the toolbox attached to the back of his pickup truck before proceeding into town, a fact confirmed by the Knoxville News Sentinel.”

Today, the TBI has decided to set the record straight after facing considerable pressure from local groups seeking justice for Huff.

It is well known that the Obama administration used federal agencies to leverage pressure against the political opponents of Washington Democrats. It is well known that the Obama administration hid information from the FISA court in order to get authorization to conduct illegal surveillance on Trump’s campaign team with the intention of entrapping junior members into committing a crime.

This is all public knowledge. It is also common knowledge that Hillary Clinton effectively enjoys immunity for crimes for which common citizens have had their entire lives destroyed.

Robert Mueller had made a career out of framing innocent people. In the 1980s, he had three innocent men sentenced to death and another sent to federal prison. Later the charges were proven false and over $100 million in damages were paid to the families. It would seem the Bob Mueller is nothing more than a legal hitman for Washington liberals.

Today, Huff’s friends, family, and supporters are hoping that he and Mueller will both get what they richly deserve.

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