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Gun Control Activist David Hogg says we Should Not go After the Perpetrators of Evil

Gun control activists have long been more interested in stopping guns than stopping violent crime – it’s just that few of them have been bold (or foolish) enough to admit it. Teenage gun control activist David Hogg, though – a young kid who somehow continues to land prominent TV interviews despite having no more authority to speak on the issues than any other high-school student – is both bold and foolish.

Following the recent synagogue shooting, Hogg appeared on MSNBC to parrot the points of the gun control crowd in a friendly, softball interview. At one point, though, Hogg went off the script and made a remark that can only be described as astounding.

“This Congress in this election on November 6, Americans have the chance to go out and save lives and elect politicians that don’t try to divide and conquer but try to unite and conquer the challenges that we face as a people, that attack the sources of evil and not the people that are perpetrating it,” Hogg said.

That last bit bears repeating: attack the sources of evil and not the people that are perpetrating it.

Apparently, David Hogg felt as if it was worth repeating as well, because he made the exact same point later in the interview when he said, “We have to go after the sources of evil and not those perpetrating it, contrary to what the President likes to do.”

Let’s start by stating the obvious: the people perpetrating evil and the source of the evil are one and the same. There might be factors that led to their crimes, there might be tools that they use to commit those crimes, but, in the end, they are the source of the evil acts that they commit.

In David Hogg’s worldview, though, the perpetrators of evil are apparently just as much innocent victims as the people that they massacre. There’s little confusion what Hogg is referring to when he says the “sources of evil”. Plain and simple, he’s talking about guns. According to Hogg, not only are firearms a dangerous weapon that need to be eliminated from American society, they are the source of evil itself.

It’s possible that Hogg actually believes this to be true. After all, you can never underestimate the depths of ignorance, and David Hogg has shown himself to be as ignorant as it gets when it comes to the matters of firearms, the Second Amendment, and gun violence. It’s much more likely, though, that David Hogg is simply showing his true colors – the same true colors that most of the gun control crowd tries to hide.

David Hogg has zero interest in stopping violent crime. He has zero interest in going after the perpetrators of evil. His sole mission – the only goal of any importance to him – is banning firearms in the United States. Stopping evil is a secondary concern if it’s even a concern at all.

He isn’t alone in this stance, though. Many gun control activists cover their ears and close their eyes when presented with a study that shows violent crime decreases in areas with more guns, or a study that shows guns save far more lives each year than they take, or a study that shows violent crime has increased in countries and areas that impose strict gun control legislation. They have no interest in these facts because stopping violent crime isn’t their objective.

David Hogg, though, is one of the few prominent gun control activists willing to admit this, whether he realizes he admitted it or not. Chances are the people pulling his strings can’t be too happy with this admission, either – it pulls back the curtain on their true objective and their true lack of interest in stopping the perpetrators of evil. So even though Hogg’s remarks may seem bewilderingly moronic at first glance – and they are – those remarks are still symbolic of the viewpoint that most gun control activists are smart enough to hide.

For those who are only interested in stopping acts of evil, guns are not the problem. For those who are only interested in getting rid of guns, acts of evil and those perpetrating them are not the problem. David Hogg and so many gun control activists like him fall into the latter camp – a fact that David Hogg just admitted to on national TV.

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