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5 Ways to Make an AR15 at Home

In the United States, the Constitution protects our natural right to bear arms. It does not say what those arms should be. It simply says that because the government must have armed forces, the people have a right to be able to defend themselves should those armed forces be used illegally against them. It reads;

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Another way the amendment could be interpreted is that citizens should possess arms so that they can be conscripted into service during wartime.

What the amendment does not deal with is what constitutes a weapon. A thing is only viable as a weapon as long as a more formidable weapon does not exist or is unlikely to appear in a battle.

The types of weapons that gun control advocates want to ban at the moment are not the most dangerous weapons around- they are simply powerful and popular. Of course, we’re talking about the AR15. Liberals want to take away your right to own an AR15, not because they believe it will make anyone safer, but because it takes power out of your hands.

The fact is, banning weapons only takes weapons out of the hands of law-abiding people, and you do not want to live in an America with that kind of imbalance of power between law-abiding people and criminals.

There are a number of ways criminals could obtain an AR15. They can buy them illegally from the black market. That has always been true, and nothing short of full cybernetic mind control of the whole population could stop it. Google is working on that. But it is also possible to make an AR15 in your backyard, and it’s completely legal. You don’t need a license to own a “ghost gun,” not yet anyway. And the technology that makes home gun manufacturing possible can be found in just about any hardware store worth walking into.

What this means is, AR15s are out there- unregulated. Anyone could have one. It is for that reason, we believe, every law abiding adult citizen has a natural right to possess one. Whether or not the law will protect that natural right is up in the air. In the meantime, here are five ways you can manufacture an AR15 in your backyard.

  1. Press & Files

Buy an incomplete receiver and use a drill press and files to make it complete. An 80% receiver is an unregulated AR receiver that has yet to have its final slots and holes carved out. Therefore, it is legally considered a block of metal by the ATF. There is a learning curve and some overhead involved, so you might burn through a lot of money mastering this method if you’re new to metal shop work.

  1. The Ghost Gunner

If risking ruining a few 80% receivers doesn’t appeal to you, you can buy the Ghost Gunner. It is an automated milling machine that will do the drill and file work for you. It costs more than a drill press, but less than ruining a box load of 80% receivers.

  1. Drill & Tap Sheet Blocks

Possibly the cheapest and most difficult way is to bolt together specially cut sheets and blocks of aluminum. If you’re not up to all the cutting, drilling, and tapping, you can find kits online if you squint hard enough.

  1. Print a Receiver

3-D printers exist which can easily turn out all kinds of controlled gun parts that you would need an FFL to purchase. Quality 3-D printers tend to be prohibitively expensive, and the strength of guns made from 3-D printed parts tend to be pretty low. We expect to hear about people blowing their fingers off with these in the near future.

  1. Cast a Receiver

You can also cast a receiver using epoxy resin. You can find molds and instructions online. According to online reviewers, these are probably not as strong as receivers made from aluminum, but they do work.

Any of these methods will turn out a viable firearm. The more expensive and skill-intensive methods like the Ghost Gunner and the press and file method will produce the best and strongest products.

But, if all you want is something to keep at home for a home defense situation and you don’t want the federal government poking around in your business- any of these will do nicely.

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