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Rhode Island Governor Signs Law Allowing Police to Seize Citizens Guns


We’ve seen plenty of media-busting mass shootings before. The outrage is always severe, but so far, the Constitution and our legal system have held intact. Sure, the liberals want to confiscate weapons, but they have been blocked every time, and we’ll keep blocking them. These are the thoughts of the unprepared. In Rhode Island, the assault on liberty has become, and it is ugly.

The Order

On February 26, Governor Gina M. Raimondo signed an executive order. It begins by noting that Rhode Island enacted a new law just one year ago. That law gave the government the power to prevent convicted domestic abusers from purchasing firearms. She pats herself on the back for this bit of redundancy, since federal law already has this prohibition in place.

From there, Raimondo goes on to list the tragedies of mass shootings dating back a decade. She then admits that Rhode Island has some of the strongest gun control in the country and that it is largely ineffective. All of this builds to the ultimate statement. She has given local and state law enforcement the power to search homes, seize firearms and imprison citizens without due process.

To be more specific, the executive order grants these powers to be used against anyone who is deemed a “red flag” case. The guidelines are succinctly listed. A “red flag” can be assigned to anyone who has made a threat or has a restraining order against them. These can almost be justifiable in extreme cases, but she didn’t stop there.

The items continue to include anyone who open carries or has simply purchased or owns firearms. Anyone flagged will be forced to relinquish their arms and can be sentenced to an indeterminate time spent in a state mental facility. Let’s be very clear about this. By letter of the order, Raimondo has made it legal for the police to completely skip the courts and imprison citizens for the sole crime of owning a firearm. Don’t worry; it gets worse.

The Bill

This executive order is already a grotesque overreach, but Raimondo is pushing to get a bill signed into law. It largely covers the same premises and purpose, but it takes things even farther. In the bill, petitioners can invoke the law to search, seize and imprison fellow citizens. At first, the bill says that only family members who live with the accused can make a formal petition. It then immediately expands those powers to anyone who has a concern.

The bill also explicitly states that the accused (referred to as the respondent) will not be notified of any hearings concerning them until a verdict is reached. That’s right. In Rhode Island, you can lose your freedom and fundamental rights, and you will never be given a chance to defend yourself. There is no jury in the process, and you can be imprisoned for up to a year from a single hearing that you don’t even know is taking place.

As if that wasn’t heinous enough, the bill also allocates funds for an educational program about how to make use of the new red flag system. In case this isn’t clear, Rhode Island is going to use tax dollars for a propaganda campaign to get neighbors and family members to spy on each other and turn each other into the state. This is Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Maoist China at their height.

Due Process

Both the bill and the executive order are an abomination. They clearly violate the 2nd Amendment, but they attack the general nature of the Bill of Rights as a whole. Most importantly, they violate the 6th Amendment. For anyone who is fuzzy, this is the Amendment that guarantees the right to a speedy, public trial by a jury of peers. Rhode Island is pushing to remove the fundamentals of due process, and it revolves around disarming citizens.

If you aren’t chilled to your bones by this, then you aren’t paying attention. This is the maneuver. This is the first thing the socialists have to do to destroy America. They can take our weapons and imprison us all in the same move.

“Don’t worry,” you say. “Rhode Island doesn’t have the authority to overturn the Constitution.” You might think that, but they aren’t leading the pack. These laws are already in effect in California, Washington, Oregon, Connecticut and Indiana. And, you can rest assured that more states will follow.

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