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What We Can Learn From Ireland’s Gun Smuggling Problem

The left loves to point to Europe as examples of working gun control. At their best, they have to massively cherry pick their data to try and make those points. At face value, there are countless examples of gun control hurting European states. One clear example is in Ireland.

Irish gun dealers have long lamented the country’s approach to gun regulation. They regularly complain that the bureaucratic hurdles are too high and crippling what could be a flourishing industry. The numbers suggest they might be right. In the last 20 years, roughly 75 percent of all gun dealers in the country have closed their shops for good. The decline is also rightly attributed to gun laws in the country.

Irish dealers face three major challenges before they can successfully sell a firearm. The first is in obtaining a license to operate as a gun dealer. The red tape in the way of such a prospect has only grown over the years, and it is now quite rare for new gun shops to open in most parts of the country.

Once they are approve to sell weapons, the next set of restrictions makes it difficult to actually import product. Generally speaking, handguns in the country have to be imported one at a time. You can imagine how that hurts productivity and the bottom line.

Even after all of that, actually selling an imported weapon requires a third set of inhibitors. The end result is a constricted and dying market.

Now, the anti-gun crowd might be able to praise this result as a success. The problem is that gun ownership rates haven’t significantly declined over this same 20-year span. Even the rate at which new guns enter the country hasn’t dropped. Sure, the legal rates have dropped, but there are more guns overall in the country than there were before the crackdown on legal sales.

Obviously, this points to a growing black market. As expected, reports show that gun smuggling has risen in direct correlation with the decline in legal sales. Fortunately for Ireland, the bulk of smuggling is actually fairly innocuous. Citizens legally purchase guns in zones where they can and simply don’t declare or register them when they take the weapons home. It’s definitely illegal and a form of smuggling, but it doesn’t represent a terror or gang-related firearms market.

Regardless, the situation proves one of the points conservatives have been making for years. Outlawing guns won’t get rid of them any more than outlawing murder gets rid of death.

Here in the U.S., this is even more obvious. We’ve been fighting a war on drugs for decades. None of our efforts have slowed the flow of illegal substances in the slightest. The idea that outlawing firearms would be more successful is ludicrous.

But, such a prospect is much scarier in the States than in Ireland. We have levels of gang violence that they just can’t match. If smuggling were to become the most reliable way to get a gun, you can bet that gun ownership would slide from mostly harmless citizens to being primarily in the hands of violent gangs. That shift would only put more people in danger.

But, the leftists don’t learn obvious lessons from what they see. Instead, they see a path to curb legal sales in America. Since they can’t infringe on a citizen’s right to own firearms, they want to go after business’s rights to sell them. Protection is far weaker in that area, and they now have a road map to achieving their goals. It doesn’t matter to them that killing the legal gun trade in our country would do more net harm than good. They just want to shatter autonomy and make all of us more reliant on the state in every way possible.

Because, that’s what this has really been all about. If they wanted to save lives, guns would not be on their radar. It isn’t even a top 10 killer in this country. What the left wants is control. They learned long ago that making people more dependent on the government is the easiest way to lock recurring votes. Guns are just another piece of that puzzle. Anything that would give someone the strength and security to reject the left is inherently evil. You can see it in everything they preach. This, above all else, is why the fight matters. As soon as we relinquish control to the left, we lose it forever.

Remember this when you go vote in November.

~ National Gun Network

  1. CaptTurbo says

    There is nothing which can match the ignorance of a leftist.

  2. cliff says

    The article above id INDEED correct. The “left” (communists) DREAM of complete control of the American People to do with what they choose. Disarm all Law-abiding citizens, and we will be CONTROLLED SHEEP to be “used” or SLAUGHTERED, when ever they choose to do so. All one has to do is get their hands on a OLD “history book” (if you can find one that hasn’t been “revised” by the DEMOCOMMUNISTS,) and READ what happens to the population, after confiscation of their GUNS “for safety reasons”. FIREARMS are the ONLY protection you have against a TYRANNICAL “government”) People, THAT is what the 2nd Amendment was written for NOT “hunting” or “target shooting”……. TYRANNY.

  3. John Davis says

    Since 1932, the Party in the White House goes like this: 7 Dems and 7 Repubs; 48 years Dems and 38 Repubs. If Trump serves two terms, and I pray he does, that will still give the Dems the edge. Voters will likely choose a Dem to follow Trump per history of the past century, and rest assured that CNN (Communist News Network) will do their best to help a Dem get elected. I believe that when we next see a Dem in the White House then we will also see the fall of the USA as we know it.

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