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Gun Control Still Doesn’t Work in Chicago

We talk a lot about violence in Chicago. The left works hard to downplay the violence plaguing this city since its been run by Democrats for the last 84 years. Chicago has long been an experimental ground for extreme gun control and leftist policy, so they don’t want to admit how things are failing.

The truth is that President Trump has been so good for this country that even the dire situation in Chicago has been incrementally improving. Unfortunately, it’s still one of the most dangerous places to live in America. This past weekend was proof of that. In just two days, the apparent success of curbing violence in Chicago all came crashing down.

One Bloody Weekend

We’ll get political in a minute, but we should first spend a somber moment on the victims of this string of tragedies. In one weekend, 66 people were shot and 12 were murdered. The victim’s ages ranged from 11 to 62, and they were spread across the city. Police believe that all of the shootings were related to gang violence, but so far no arrests have been made. At least some of those 66 victims were completely innocent bystanders caught in a cycle of violence and undeserving of their pain and suffering.

Remember that these are real Americans. They are fathers and mothers and daughters and sons. Their humanity is important. It is our ability to relate to and sympathize with them that fuels our anger at the situation, and it is that anger that demands change. If we are to show any respect to these people, we have to stand firm.

A Frustrated Police Force

If you’re angry about the rampant death and destruction in Chicago, then you need to understand the situation. No one is better suited to explain it than the police superintendent, Eddie T. Johnson. Johnson went on record to explain the violence and the underlying problems fueling it. In frustration, he noted that plenty of people in Chicago know who committed these shootings and where they are. Yet, no one has come forward to help the police seek justice.

Countless complaints have been thrown at Chicago’s police and government. They shoulder much of the blame. But, no one in the city seems to be willing to blame the shooters. They are protected by a silent citizenship, and that silence supports the violence. The very people of Chicago are complicit in their own destruction. And, until the people themselves make a change, the violence will continue. Johnson made it clear that the police and government can’t prevent future violence. They can only respond to it.

The Failing Left

That is really what this is all about. The left has had a stranglehold over the people of Chicago for a very long time. They have the strictest gun control laws in the country, and their police force is one of the most robust. They have massive government assistance programs, and the bulk of their system is devoted to fighting gangs and revitalizing slums. They’ve made basically zero progress in the last 20 years. Improvements to the country on a national scale have helped Chicago in the past year and a half, but the city’s structure has prevented real improvement.

The truth is that Johnson is exactly right. The citizenry of Chicago is failing itself. If they are going to choose to support murderous gang members over the people of the city, then they are going to continue to be slaughtered. The underlying problem in Chicago has nothing to do with guns. It is the inevitable result of rotting morals. Fueled by leftist politics, Chicago has gone from a once proud and hardworking city to one of the most dangerous and irredeemable places in our country.

Solving Chicago’s gun violence is simple, but it won’t be easy. It is only through reintroducing traditional values and morality that the people can be inspired to defend themselves. If they did as much as tell the police where to find murderers, it would be a great start. If they armed themselves and made it impossible to get away with a shooting, the problem would disappear forever. But, none of that can happen until the people have something to believe in, and the left has never and can never supply that.

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  1. Ray Miller says

    What’s happening in Chitcargo is nothing more than late term abortions, there just years late , that’s all.

  2. Richard Cousins says

    Move white folk out and nuke the city.

  3. Harold says

    Progressive liberalism at its worst! These problems have been going on in Chicago since the 1960s…Most are on the West and South sides of Chicago. People are either gang members,gang simpathizers,afraid of the gangs,or afraid of the police.I believe the govt has about 8% rate of arrest and convictions for longer sentencing are not followed.As long as politics,even failed, takes presidence over sound policies,nothing will change for the good.People are leaving,Cook county,which includes Chicago,faster than any area in the US.High taxes,political corruption are the norm.Free money is the accepted way of solving problems.Blaming every thing and everyone for your failures are Chicago’s smoke and mirror policy……

  4. Edi says

    Black leaders come out and complain about the violence but fall short when it comes to blaming Dimms. They’re Dimms at heart and will continue backing the people that have allowed this stuff to happen for the last 80 years. How long were the Dallys in office, father and son.? Wake up.

    1. ralph McWIlliams says

      ” Birds of a feather, flock together… “

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