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Blue States Have Gone Loopy for Gun Control

Barack Obama focused so intensely on restricting the Second Amendment -- through his "backdoor channels" -- from 2009 through 2016 that Democrat-controlled state legislatures pretty much put things on cruise control. Now that America has a…

California: A Niche Market for Gun Makers

When it comes to weapons, or even a lot of non-weapons really, California is one of the most restrictive states in the Union. If you want a butterfly knife, for example, you’ve got to break the law to get it. Sword canes, straight blades,…

Gun Control Still Doesn’t Work in Chicago

We talk a lot about violence in Chicago. The left works hard to downplay the violence plaguing this city since its been run by Democrats for the last 84 years. Chicago has long been an experimental ground for extreme gun control and leftist…

5 Ways to Make an AR15 at Home

In the United States, the Constitution protects our natural right to bear arms. It does not say what those arms should be. It simply says that because the government must have armed forces, the people have a right to be able to defend…

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